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It was in year 2000 that a group of development professionals came together, their complementary strengths integrating into a joint endeavour – the Foundation for Development Initiative (FDI) – a national organization, addressing a broad spectrum of development issues afflicting the country.

Foundation of Development Initiative


Agriculture is the backbone of India, with more than 50% of our workforce engaged in cultivation and allied activities. Our focus is on outputs (yield, Package of Practice), inputs (quality seed, soil health), and institutional support (livestock, crop insurance, electronic markets, etc.).

Education & Skills

We are focusing on learning outcomes (transition rate from primary to upper primary, and subsequently to secondary schooling, average scores in mathematics and languages), talent nurturing, infrastructure (toilet access for girls, drinking water, electricity supply, delivery of text books) and employment linked Skill development for Youth.

Environment & Climate

Focus is on sustainable natural resource management (water, soil, air). Spread better know-how and solutions available to avert the crisis and create opportunities for a better life for people.


Our focus is on antenatal care, postnatal care, gender parity, health of new-born, growth of children, contagious diseases and health infrastructure.

Technology & Innovation

Our focus is to establish synergies with institutions worldwide boosting innovation & creativity, apply a co-design & co-creation and to deliver solutions by using interdisciplinary approach

Water & Sanitation

Focus is on facilitating access to safe drinking water and behaviour change towards better sanitation and hygiene practices. Education and information about global water, sanitation and hygiene (WASH) practices.

Who We Are

We specialize in providing end-to-end solutions for those engaged in the development sector.

It was in the year 2000 that a group of development professionals came together, their complementary strengths integrating into a joint endeavour - the Foundation for Development Initiative (FDI) - a national organization, addressing a broad spectrum of development issues afflicting the country.

FDI has since then grown into a consortium of individuals, organisations and businesses working towards the holistic development of people and communities, with the focus on improving living conditions and opportunities for people.


What's New

High Level Panel Discussion on November 22, 2019, New Delhi

Circular Designing and Future of Sustainability: Now is Next

Climate change is impacting various national economies across the globe. It is affecting lives, costing people and countries dearly now and more tomorrow. FDI is committed towards addressing the issues around sustainable development, particularly circular economy as future of sustainability. We bring together, practising professionals and senior experts from the range of sectoral fields for ongoing debates and discussions around the theme of circular economy and waste minimisation.



Partners & Our Latest Projects

To achieve sustainable growth of communities, and to impact a larger number of people, FDI works through a network of partner organisations. At present, FDI has a committed member network of more than 100 NGOs working to improve living conditions and opportunities for people in different parts of India.

Harit Dhara, Saaf Vayu: Empowering Communities, Sustaining Lives

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Crop Residue Management (CRM) Initiative

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E-Charcha – Advocacy on
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Transforming lives by generating awareness on adolescent issues such as child marriage, child protection and nutrition through digital platform…



Meet our Partners


I cultivated non-basmati rice across 11 acres. After harvesting with a combine harvester, my initial plan was to burn the remaining crop residue. It was during this time that the Field Officer from the FDI team approached me, explaining the potential losses and the benefits of crop residue management. Listening to the team's advice against burning, the team helped me get a baler from a neighboring village.

The service provider from the neighboring village agreed ti provide baler services in Bighana village after realizing the substantial non-basmati rice cultivation in the area. The very next day, I arranged for a cutter in my field. The baler efficiently managed my field and also extended its services to 150-200 acres of other fields in the village, effectively preventing any incidents of crop burning. The FDI team honored both the service provider and me for this proactive approach. This exemplary incident inspired other farmers to pledge against crop residue burning, ensuring the timely sowing of their wheat crops.

Sukhbir Singh
Bighana Village, Jind Haryana

I faced challenges in availing a subsidy for a baler, but my desire to contribute to stubble management never wavered. When the FDI team approached me, I expressed my wish to be part of this initiative.

The team arranged a baler for rent from Dalampura village, and I gladly provided my services in stubble management. With the rented baler, I was able to assist around 250 to 300 acres of farmland, not only in my village but also in nearby villages.

Being part of stubble management not only allowed me to contribute to a crucial cause but also provided a decent income. I'm grateful for the opportunity, and I encourage fellow farmers to join hands in sustainable agricultural practices. Thank you, FDI!

Shahpur Village, Jind Haryana

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