FDI is working towards promoting sustainable agriculture practices across the three pillars of triple bottom line approach...

The great variety of agrochemicals used in Indian agriculture presents varying degrees of hazard. These products, if not handled properly, can be potentially dangerous and can cause rampant accidents to the user.

Therefore, looking at the readiness of unskilled youth and farmers in seeking training, FDI initiated a programme with the support from PI Foundation.

  • The programme focussed on to increasing the awareness on strictly following the safety guidelines for usage of agro-chemicals by farmers and applicators.
  • The training location was chosen to be Lucknow with the support from Dept. of Agriculture, Uttar Pradesh.
  • Ensuring usage of safety kit by the community and compliance with safety instructions on the label.

Around 1,500 farmers were benefitted and made aware on the effective and safe application of chemicals to pre-empt any casualties.

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